WELCOME TO MODERN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Modern Management Institute is one of the most growing Institute in India.The Company was being here in Bangalore from 1980 and started in 1977 by SirRobort Micheal in England.The attiyude of the employees make this worldwide.In 1988 company was established in Singapore also.The company has more than 750 branches ,1500 Managers and about 16000 employees all over the world.Soon Company going to start their atleast 15 offices in Srilanka .Company has 115 branches of Management Institutes and 14 Schools in INDIA. Approx 25 Branches in other divisions along with approximately 1500 employees.

The regional offices are located in Different states few of them are as follows


Dehradoon Uttar Pardesh

Lucknow Rajasthan

jaipur Bihar

Patna Gujrat

Ahmedabad Punjab

Chandigarh Haryana

Gurgaon Delhi

The Company provides their services in the field of

1.Management Institute

2.Hotel Division

3.School Division

4.Hospital Division

5.Transport Division (Heavy and Low weight vehicles )

6.Banking and Finance

7.Telecom Division